Nothing so blinding as perception of form

Nothing so blinding as perception of form. For sight of form MEANS understanding HAS BEEN obscured. Only MISTAKES have different forms, and so they CAN deceive. You CAN change form, BECAUSE it is not true. It COULD not be reality, BECAUSE it can be changed. Reason will tell you that, if form is NOT reality, it  MUST be an illusion. And is Not THERE to see. And, IF you see it, you MUST be mistaken, for you are seeing what can NOT be real, as if it WERE. What cannot see BEYOND what is  not there, MUST be distorted perception. And must perceive illusions  AS THE TRUTH. Could it, then, RECOGNIZE the truth?
~Urtext Manuscripts Vol.I ch 22D7

The Video

"God gives you only happiness. Therefore the function He gave you must be happiness, even if it appears  to be different".

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