The Body is not Our Concern – Profound Healing

Today key lesson 72 presented to you in a profound way. The lesson goes: “Holding grievances is an attack on God’s Plan for salvation”. We work in this online class, in this video that is presented, with many questions. All to help you to be shaken loose fro your human concepts. It is like an earthquake, but a very still one. So get ready and join us please!

The Content of the online Class

  • 0:00 ALIGNMENT
  • 6:45 The Christ in you..
  • 14:09 What is holding a grievance?
  • 18:57 Is God a body?
  • 21:10 Is it practical to live the Christ’ Way?
  • 23:45 Is the body our concern?
  • 30:02 What is salvation?
  • 33:43 What is specialness?
  • 35:12 Was I fooling myself?
  • 37:21 And now what?
  • 41:00 How does this relate to the one’s I meet?
  • 42:57 Consider this..
  • 44:39 Recognizing the Christ
  • 47:40 Remember: My Goal is God
  • Music: New Horizon 2

The Video

The Audio

To download or stream – free audio

The body is not our concern

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