The Secret of Salvation

In our first Daily Miracle Lessons class – part 4 in which we use the key lessons of A Course in Miracles, it is amazing how this Master piece shows its integrity. What I mean is that whatever part of the Course I use it will always seamlessly support other parts of this Course.

The “Hero”

In this class you see perfect samples of that. We use chapter 27 I – The “Hero” of the Dream. One quote is here:

Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea, at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh. In his forgetting did the thought become a serious idea, and possible of both accomplishment and real effects. Together, we can laugh them BOTH away, and understand that time can NOT intrude upon eternity. It IS a joke to think that time can come to circumvent eternity, which MEANS there is no time. A timelessness in which is time made real; a Part of God Which can attack Itself; a separate brother as an enemy; a mind WITHIN a body; all are forms of circularity, whose ending starts at its beginning, ending at its cause.

paragraph 6 of Chapter 27I of A Course in Miracles Urtext Manuscripts, Miracles in Action Press, 2008.

Honor you

From lesson 162, I am as God created me, the following quote:

We honor you today. Yours is the right to perfect holiness you now accept. With this acceptance is salvation brought to everyone, for who could cherish sin when holiness like this has blessed the world? Who could despair when perfect joy is yours, available to all as remedy for grief and misery, all sense of loss, and for complete escape from sin and guilt?

Lesson 162, paragraph 5, A Course in Miracles Urtext Manuscripts, Miracles in Action Press, 2008.

I was created as the thing I seek

The summary of today’s class with the words of this Miracle Prayer

“In me salvationʹs means and end are one.”

In me, Godʹs holy Son, are reconciled all parts of Heavenʹs plan to save the world. What could conflict, when all the parts have but one purpose and one aim? How could there be a single part that stands aside, or one of more or less importance than the rest? I am the means by which Godʹs Son is saved, because salvationʹs purpose is to find the sinlessness which God has placed in me. I was created as the thing I seek. I am the goal the world is searching for. I am Godʹs Son, His one Eternal Love. I am salvationʹs means and end as well.

Let me today, my Father, take the role You offer me in Your request that I accept Atonement for myself. For thus does what is thereby reconciled in me become as surely reconciled to You.”

Lesson 318, A Course in Miracles Manuscripts.

The Video

  • Content:
  • 0:00 Introduction and alignment
  • 7:12 The “Hero” of the dream
  • 28:38 I am as God Created Me
  • 41:55 In me salvation’s means and end are one

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