Overwhelming Love

From lesson 191:

Then let the Son of God awaken from his sleep, and opening his holy eyes return again to bless the world he made. In error it began. But it will end in the reflection of his holiness. And we will sleep no more and dream of death. Then join with me today. Your glory is the light that saves the world. Do not withhold salvation longer. Look about the world and see the suffering there. Is not your heart willing to bring your weary brothers rest?

They must await your own release. They stay in chains ‘til you are free. They cannot see the mercy of the world until you find it for yourself. They suffer pain until you have denied its hold on you. They die ‘til you accept your own Eternal Life. You are the holy Son of God Himself. Remember this and all the world is free. Remember this and earth and Heaven are one.

These are the 2 paragraphs we did not read in class, but are still so beautiful, so I like to share them with you. So inspiring: Is not your heart willing to bring your weary brothers rest?

Just as in the reassuring message send in ‘The Little Hindrance’ we used in class: “Nothing you undertake with certain purpose and high resolve and happy confidence, holding each other’s hand and keeping step to Heaven’s song, is difficult to do.Overwhelming love is the place, the bridge where you recognize your brother for Who he is and recognize your own worth at the same time. If that isn’t a miracle what is?

The video

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