40 Days Awakening Intensive

Love needs only this invitation. It comes freely to ALL the Sonship, because it is what the Sonship IS. By their awakening TO it, they merely forget what they are NOT. This enables them to remember what they ARE.

ACIM c 7 E13 Urtext Manuscripts

Listen to your invitation

What is it?

On a daily basis something is offered, in the light of your awakening to the truth of Who you are, to you to read, watch, participate in, share, join, and more. Your signing up will give you access to meetings, and online activities, resources that are shared, joining with your brother in the Light of Love.

When will it start?

The 13th of September 2022 we start, At noon Central time we meet online for our start off. When you sign up you will receive a weekly program of what is when ( in your Time Zone) and how to access it. If you cannot participate on a daily basis but have to skip a day, no worries.

What is the cost?

Iwihub.com activities are on donation basis. For this 40 day event we want you to consider a donation of $40 for the whole period.

40 Day Intensive, my donation

Than you so much!



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