Quantum Model of Man

This is a compilation of the first Quantum Body meeting. Today is the Introduction to the seminar. We have 4 visitors in this class: #deepakchopra #marybakereddy #MotherAurobindo #joelgoldsmith . Listen with us to the podcast version or watch this on YouTube right here.

  • Content: 
  • 0:00 Introduction to the seminar 
  • 9:31 Seeing what you believe 
  • 16:28 Purpose of the seminar 
  • 22:30 The body that isn’t there 
  • 25:43 Deepak Chopra: The Quantum Mechanical Body 
  • 34:05 Mary Baker Eddy: ‘Revelation” 
  • 40:19 The Mother: Becoming in the Body 
  • 43:55 Joel S. Goldsmith: ‘About this Body”

The Video

The Podcast

The Fourth Dimension Quantum Body

Class 8 of the Quantum Body Seminar.The Fourth Dimension, no description but the focus on the experience of being in a timeless state. 0:00 Introduction8:00 MeditationThe Fourth DimensionMore information: http://iwihub.comSupport: http://buymeacoffee.com/iwihub
  1. The Fourth Dimension
  2. 5 Aspects of Healing Frequencies
  3. Present Memory Cell – Beyond Quantum physics, Material Medica & Time
  4. Light Invasion – Silent Witness
  5. Miraculous Healing

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