Manual for Teachers – Audiobook

Today we start with the publication of Part 1 and 2 of the Urtext Manuscripts of A Course in Miracles AUDIOBOOK.


To teach is to demonstrate. There are only two thought systems, and you demonstrate that you believe one or the other is true all the time. From your demonstration others learn and so do you. The question is not whether you will teach, for in that there is no choice. The purpose of the course might be said to provide you with a means of choosing what you want to teach on the basis of what you want to learn.

Introduction Manual for Teachers, excerpt.

The video/audio

The CONTENT of the video is here

  • 0:00 1 – Introduction
  • 4:45 2- Who are God’s Teachers?
  • 8:20 3 – Who are their pupils?
  • 12:59 4 – What are the levels of teaching?

The Audio

For those who love to listen on your ways. Download the audio here:

Part 1 of the Manual for Teachers

PART 2 : The Characteristics of God’s Teachers

The surface traits of Godʹs teachers are not at all alike. They do not look alike to the bodyʹs eyes, they come from vastly different backgrounds, their experiences of the world vary greatly, and their superficial “personalities” are quite distinct. Nor at the beginning stages of their functioning as teachers of God, have they yet acquired the deeper characteristics that will establish them as what they are. God gives special gifts to His teachers because they have a special role in His plan for Atonement.

The Characteristics of God’s Teachers, excerpt


The Characteristics of God’s Teachers

  • 0:00 A – Introduction
  • 1:43 B- TRUST
  • 9:17 C – Honesty
  • 11:34 D – Tolerance
  • 12:37 E – Gentleness
  • 14:48 F – Joy
  • 16:03 G – Defenselessness
  • 17:07 H- Generosity
  • 19:18 I – Patience
  • 20:24 J – Faithfulness
  • 22:34 K – Open-Mindedness
  • 25:39 End


The Characteristics of God’s Teachers

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