The Art of Freedom

This Monday we had our first Art of Freedom meeting. To give you an idea how this went I love to share some of the ‘ingredients’ .

The Meditation

In the meditation of the meeting we use words from two well-known awakened Minds, Lao-Tzu and Rumi. 

Please take a moment and relax with us in the meditation.

Interactive part of the meeting

The art of freedom comes down to, the way you stay in your active remembrance of your Freedom. Freedom is like love and joy, What you are. Freedom cannot be learned or organized. It is What you are! 

What determines what keeps you free from any bondage, related to space and time? 

One of the things you will discover is that the way you see and think have everything to do with it. This is an essential part of this class and of the exercises we do. 

Content of the meeting

To have an overview of what takes place in this recording of the meeting here an overview:

  • 0:00 Welcome 
  • 5:06 Exercise 1 Open Seeing 
  • 7:28 Art Work Slides 
  • 18:38 Exercise 2 Open Listening 
  • 20:34 Coming to Live 
  • 27:30 Seeing as a child 
  • 29:56 My foundation

Watch the recording

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