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Christian Mystics Seminar – sign up

The 10th of November 2022 we make a start with the CHRISTIAN MYSTICS seminar. A seminar divided in six meetings where we discover the hidden treasures of lyrical expressions inspired by Communication with the Divine. From the bottom of the catacombs of Rome in the early hundreds, where Christians secretly met and expressed themselves, to the enlightening poetry and scripture given us in the nineteen hundreds. A broad range of expressions is shared. During this seminar period, you receive weekly a PDF with the writings of one of the mystics we discover. Some of the mystics you might know: Symeon, Meister Eckhart, Kierkegaard, and many more. A book that we will use is ‘Esoteric Christianity’, by Annie Besant. For this too will an PDF be available.

This is your chance to enjoy and discover the recognition you will have with the Christian Mystics. 


What is this awesome mystery that is taking place within me? 

I can find no words to express it:
My poor hand is unable to capture it,
In describing the praise and glory that belong

To the One who is above all praise, 

And who transcends every word . . . 

My intellect sees what has happened, 

But it cannot explain it;

It can see, and wishes to explain,
But can find no word that suffices,
For what it sees is invisible and entirely formless,

Simple, completely uncompounded,
Unbounded in its awesome greatness.
What I have seen is the totality recapitulated as One, 

Received not in essence but by participation.
It is just as if you lit a flame from a live flame:
It is the entire flame you receive.


What does the seminar cover?

When we come together in this seminar we will start with a meditation, using the words given us by one of the mystics and deeply letting ourselves be affected by it. Then a sharing takes place where poetry and context description is blend together to feel where and how and when the poetry was written. Another part is for you to share your mystics poetry – share with us what touches your heart.

When do we meet?

We meet on Thursdays at noon Central Time USA. The meetings are probably 1,5 hrs. FIND YOUR TIME HERE

10th of November 2022Introduction to the mysticsnoon CST
17th of November 2022The Inexpressiblenoon CST
24th of November 2022Initiationnoon CST
1st of December 2022Alchemynoon CST
8th of December 2022Loving Godnoon CST
15th of December 2022Ascensionnoon CST

Where do we meet?

We will meet online using Zoom to connect. The link to the online Classroom is: . If you never used Zoom software or app, make sure to download it before the class starts, this makes it easier to connect.

The Cost

The activities are at no charge! Consider a donation please. The suggested donation for this whole event is $80. Thank you for your support.


Christian Mystics Seminar

Thank you for your support!!


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