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Daily Miracle Lessons II Class

Key lesson 66 from the Urtext Manuscripts of A Course in Miracles starts like this:

66: "My happiness and my function are one.”  You have surely noticed an emphasis throughout our recent lessons on the connection between fulfilling your function and achieving happiness. This is because you do not really see the connection. Yet there is more than just a connection between them; they  are the same. Their forms are different, but their content is completely  one.

This is just one of the lessons we will use to become accustomed to our new born Identity. Yes, you want to be happy. You look for it everywhere. This is the time to come to a frequent remembering and get familiar with how to look at yourself, your world, your relationships, your purpose and certainly enjoy happiness in the place where it can be found!In You!!


For this class we. use the Urtext Manuscripts edition of A Course in Miracles. The Foundation of Inner Peace edition will work fine too. No worries here.

The key lessons of A Course in Miracles here can be found here:

Urtext ACIM book

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The Blue Book edition of A Course in Miracles will work fine in this class too!


We meet weekly online on Thursday’s at noon Central Time USA. But daylight savings starts on the 13th of March in the USA but the class will still be on noon. FIND YOUR TIME HERE

DateKey LessonTime
March 10th 202266 : My happiness and my function are onenoon CST
March 1769: My Grievances hide the light of the world in menoon CDT
March 2472: Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvationnoon CDT
March 3175:The light has comenoon CDT
April 776: I am under no laws but God’snoon CDT
April 1496: Salvation comes from my One Selfnoon CDT
April 2199: Salvation is my only function here.noon CDT


This is an online class, we use Zoom to connect to the classroom. The link is: 


The events of are without charge. Please consider a donation. The suggested donation for this class is $90 for 7 classes. 


Daily Miracle Lessons

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I can escape the world I see..

In this post some text and video of the online DAILY MIRACLE class of last Monday (01-31) in which we looked at another key lesson of A Course in Miracles. In the class I promised to share some paragraphs from chapter 20. This was in relationship with the key lesson 23: I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.

Nothing can hurt you, unless you give it the power to do so.For YOU give power as the laws of this world INTERPRET giving; as you give, you LOSE. It is not up to you to give power at all. Power is of God, GIVEN by Him, and RE‐AWAKENED by the Holy Spirit, Who knows that, as you give you GAIN. He gives NO power to sin, and therefore it HAS none. Nor to its results, as this world sees them; sickness and death and misery and pain. These things have not occurred, because the Holy Spirit sees them not, and gives no power to their seeming source. Thus would He keep you free of them.

Entering the Ark, Ch. 20 first paragraph, Urtext Manuscripts A Course in Miracles, Miracles in Action Press 2008.


This is a recording of the online class. You are invited to join!