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Healing Arts part 2 – Summer 2022

July 2022 Summer classes

Welcome to Healing Arts part 2. In the Healing Arts we use art to train our listening attitude. To listen to Inspiration and let it move us. This July 2022 edition consists of 4 meetings in which we use Art to discover something new in us. Part 1 has been a very transformative start for the participants. Now we continue. The Healing Arts summer classes have a more open character. You can join in the class you want or be part of them all.


The 4th of July 2022 is the first ‘part 2’ class. Sign up below if you are new to this, want to know more or participate. Here is the format:

  • Before the next class you receive an EXERCISE to prepare something for class. The time you have to spend on preparation of your project for class is up to you, but a minimum of 30 minutes is required to allow some depth in your ‘project’. 
  • In class you will have time to present your project or actually PERFORM. It is much like improvisation. It does not need to be perfect at all. The most important part is that you DO this and go through the process to allow yourself to go through fear to come to a new FREEDOM. What a healing opportunity!!

When do we meet?

The classes are held at Monday’s at noon Central Time USA/ Canada. 

Check the schedule below. CHECK HERE FOR YOUR TIME

4th of July 2022Culinary Art – Color
11th of July 2022Sculpture – 3D Design
18th of July 2022Land Art – Elements
25th of July 2022Interview Improvisation

Where do we Meet?

We will meet online using Zoom to connect. This is an easy to use app on your phone or I-pad. The link to the Classroom is: . Make sure you enter 5 minutes before the class, so we can start on time.


All activities presented are free of charge. Please, consider a donation. 

The suggested donation per class is $10 or 10 euro

Your support is appreciated click on picture to donate using PayPal

SIGN up or ask for more information

Previous Healing Arts I class

In the video below you see some of the Art work made by participants and a short alignment as start of the class.

Healing Consciousness

Healing Consciousness Many of the healers/practitioners I know are into Reiki or at least were ‘initiated’ in the Reiki tradition.
Same with me. What happened during the initiation was I experienced light and connectedness. Three weeks later I met the Master Teacher of a Course in Miracles, who initiated me in spiritual healing. I never really use Reiki anymore in its original form. The healing awareness on the other hand just keeps expanding.
In fact every Spiritual Path leads to the same point. Knowing one Self.

How does that work for you? Share if you like..
#spiritualhealing #reikihealing #reikimaster

Healing Art & Science

In chapter 7 of the Urtext manuscripts it says:

Healing is both an art and a science, as has so often been said. It is an art because it depends on inspiration in the sense that we have already used the term. Inspiration is the opposite of dis-spiriting, and therefore means to make joyful. The dis‐spirited are depressed because they believe that they are literally “without the Spirit,” which is an illusion. You do not PUT the Spirit in them by inspiring them, because that would be “magic,” and therefore would not be real healing. But you DO recognize the Spirit that is ALREADY THERE, and thereby REAWAKEN IT. This is why the healer is part of the Resurrection and the LIFE. The SPIRIT is not asleep in the minds of the sick, but the part of the mind that can perceive it and be glad IS. 

Urtext Manuscripts of A Course in Miracles Chapter 7.

This quote we used in the Spiritual Healing Class yesterday. This is all about inspiration. And about the reawakening of Spirit in you. One question I would like to ask you is:


In the PDF presented below you can read more about the ART and Science of Healing and one more question for you. If you feel like it, leave your comment below!

If you want to take a look at the first part of the class watch below: