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Body of Light

In the 2nd meeting of The Quantum Body Seminar we deeply dive into the ‘matter’. What ‘matter’ you ask? That is a great question specially in this class. We are entering into ideas of God being everywhere at the same time. Spaceless, Timeless, all is Now. Spatial and temporal entanglement. What does that have to do with Awakening and the Infinite Way? More than you might think. 

Warming up

PODCAST: Listen to this article being read to you by Wim H.: Timeless, Spaceless God & Quantum Entanglement by Himangsu S. Pal, SCIENTIFIC GOD JOURNAL | NOVEMBER2016 | VOLUME 7 | ISSUE 9 | PP. 556-560 PAL, H. S., SPACELESS-TIMELESS GOD & QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT

Body of Light

About the God who was never there it has been said that he/she/it is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. About the God who was never there it has also has been said that he/she/it is spaceless, timeless, changeless, immortal, all-pervading, one, unborn, uncreated, without any beginning, without an end, everlasting, non-composite and immaterial.


Is there such a thing as spaceless and timeless? In this class we consider a lot of it to come to a new experience of ourselves. God is everywhere, all the time, with no place where He is not or less, all the time of His Presence is in this moment, no moment where He is less present, all time is going on in this moment… That is a very comforting and mind-boggling idea, does the reality of this experience dawn on your holy Sight?

The video

Quantum Model of Man

This is a compilation of the first Quantum Body meeting. Today is the Introduction to the seminar. We have 4 visitors in this class: #deepakchopra #marybakereddy #MotherAurobindo #joelgoldsmith . Listen with us to the podcast version or watch this on YouTube right here.

  • Content: 
  • 0:00 Introduction to the seminar 
  • 9:31 Seeing what you believe 
  • 16:28 Purpose of the seminar 
  • 22:30 The body that isn’t there 
  • 25:43 Deepak Chopra: The Quantum Mechanical Body 
  • 34:05 Mary Baker Eddy: ‘Revelation” 
  • 40:19 The Mother: Becoming in the Body 
  • 43:55 Joel S. Goldsmith: ‘About this Body”

The Video

The Podcast

Mind of the cells – Quantum Body Yoga Quantum Body

This is another episode from the Quantum Body seminar. 'Mind of the Cells'.We have one visitor: The Mother, Mother Aurobindo, she prays with us, read this well, "the prayer of the cells in the body":Now that, by the effect of the Grace, we are slowly emerging out of inconscience and waking to a conscious life, an ardent prayer rises in us for more light, more consciousness: “O Supreme Lord of the universe, we implore Thee, give us the strength and the beauty, the harmonious perfection needed to be Thy divine instruments upon earth.”Content of the seminar:0:00 Mind Yoga11:00 Prayer of the cells in the Body, by The Mother13:39 The Other State17:38 Change of Command26:25 Let the Light Integrate31:49 Quantum Leap
  1. Mind of the cells – Quantum Body Yoga
  2. Body of light + Guided meditation
  3. Spaceless Timeless God & Quantum Entanglement
  4. Quantum Model of Man – Exercises – 4 Visitors
  5. Seeing what you believe – Podcast

Quantum Body – podcast

This Monday we start the Quantum Body – Healing Seminar. But you might wonder what is it going to bring? Just made this compilation for you to listen to.

Quantum Body – Intro podcast


In this seminar we use the following resources. No obligation to buy any of the materials.

Quantum Healing – Deepak Chopra, 2015 Updated and revised version
Mind of the Cells – The Mother
Chapter 27, The body and the dream, Urtext Manuscripts ACIM
Understanding the Body, tape 113, Joel S. Goldsmith
The Art of Spiritual Healing , Joel S. Goldsmith
A Parenthesis in Eternity, Joel S. Goldsmith

Quantum Body – healing seminar

Quantum Body?

The body COULD not separate your minds, unless you WANTED it to be a cause of separation and of distance seen between you. Thus do you ENDOW it with a power that lies NOT within itself. And herein lies its power over you.

Excerpt chapter 29B2 : The Awakening, Urtext Manuscripts A Course in Miracles

Apparently the ‘body’ and how you experience it is related to the ideas you hold and the consciousness that arises. The body is not just a physical thing. Changes are possible in which you experience yourself not as a body but as a light being. In Matthew 6:22 (KJV) we read the words:

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body will be full of light“MATTHEW 6:22, KJV VERSION

Did you discover what these words mean? You are accustomed to ideas about ‘your’ body, but they limit you always until you are freed of them. Allow new ideas and experiences, this to experience yourself in a new way and see that even your bodies changes. 

The idea of the quantum body is a way to see it not as a set physical fact, but different. Paul Valverde says it like this in his thesis:

The quantum consciousness paradigm explains there is no present, future and past but only a constant present. The quantum mind is responsible for the paradigms being constantly renewed, because the level of consciousness in the human is growing, awakening and evolving.SCIENTIFIC GOD JOURNAL | APRIL 2019 | VOLUME 10| ISSUE 3 | PP. 222-229

What is this seminar

This seminar is a 8 week online event where we come together with the purpose of healing, joining in the One Purpose. We use spiritual scripture, scientific insights, meditation as inspiration.

For who is this seminar?


  • This seminar is for you if you are interested in what you read in the above (this was just a tip of the iceberg). 
  • If you can allow yourself to get excited with new insights and discoveries that will help to heal and make whole the way you experience yourself
  • If you want to discover with us the ‘out of this world’ nature of you and everyone
  • If you want to discover the newest scientific insights and implement them into your spiritual life so even the words of Joel S. Goldsmith or that what you read in A Course in Miracles, can be seen in a different light
  • If you have no choice but to heal from limited believes that hurt

When is this happening?

We meet on Monday’s at noon Central Time USA, FIND YOUR TIME HERE, starting 19th of September 2022

19th of September 2022Quantum Model of Mannoon Central Time USA
26th of SeptemberBody of Lightnoon Central Time USA
3 rd of OctoberMind of the cellsnoon Central Time USA
10th of OctoberQuantum Healingnoon Central Time USA
17th of OctoberSilent Witnessnoon Central Time USA
– – – – –
31st of OctoberMemory cellsnoon Central Time USA
7th of NovemberHealing Frequenciesnoon Central Time USA*
14th of NovemberFourth Dimensionnoon Central Time USA*

*Ending of Daylight Saving in USA does not change the seminar Time

What does it cost?

The activities of are on donation basis, there is no charge. However, we want you to consider the suggested amount for donation. For the 8 meetings of this seminar we suggest a donation of $150.


Quantum Body

Thank you for your donation