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The Promise of Resurrection

This is Palm Sunday… this is how chapter 20 starts of the Urtext Manuscripts I read you the Introduction:

The Promise of the Resurrection – Introduction

Holy Week

The Holy Week starts on Palm Sunday and ends in Easter. It expresses in fact your spiritual awakening process. A process of the acceptance of the truth of the Reality of Who you are and its EXPRESSION.

If you see this as your awakening trajectory, and it is, then it becomes so inspiring to read or listen to what Jesus shares in A Course in Miracles.

Listen once more:

This week we celebrate eternal life, NOT death



Let him not wander into the temptation of crucifixion and DELAY him there. Help him go in peace BEYOND it, with the light of his own innocence lighting his way to his redemption and release..

Ch 20 Urtext A Course in Miracles


If you feel like listening to more of chapter 20 listen or download it here or watch it on YouTube:

Chapter 20: The Promise of the resurrection