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New 40 Day Intensive 1st of March’23 start

“I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Resurrection and The Life; whoever trusts in me, even if he dies, he shall live.”JOHN 11: 25


You are invited to join us for a new 40 day intensive “Resurrection in Progress”. The first of March 2023 will be our starting date, up to Easter Sunday. In this 40 day intensive we meet on an almost daily basis online and live!

What can you expect?

When you sign up, you make the choice to ‘give yourself’ to this “40 days”, you dedicate yourself to your True Purpose for this period. That is helpful to you for an intense experience of awakening and healing of the way you have experienced yourself in your limited self-identification as a human being. Reformulated: It is a total GIFT to yourself!! And above all it is a gentle invitation for you to come in deeper contact with your Self.


The meetings that we will have have as main focus your experience. In the online meetings is coming to your within-ness and opening up for love and light crucial!! Any obstacles that we face come up for healing. With our shared Purpose there will be an incredible provision of Healing Light!

What teaching are we using?

We use the teaching that is given by Jesus Christ.

Speaking from Christ Mind it can be emanated by Joel S. Goldsmith, by Wim, by Jesus in A Course in Miracles, by Jesus in A Way of Mastery, by Master Teacher of A Course in Miracles, Christian Mystics and of course Jesus in the New Testament and many more.

Online meetings

When we meet online, the ONLINE – Zoom link to get to the Iwihub Online Meeting Room:

The LINK we use is: https://zoom.us/j/7567456815 

By clicking on the link, you will enter the meeting room.

We said before that the purpose of the Resurrection was to “demonstrate that no amount of misperception has any influence at all on a Son of God.”


Live meetings

New this time is the possibility of LIVE meetings. From 6 – 9th of April 2023 we will meet close to Nice, France. On the mountaintop!

More information

God has given us dominion over all that exists on the earth, under the earth, and above the earth. This dominion we have surrendered by permitting ourselves to be conditioned by the world’s ignorance and the world’s fears. Resurrection Here and Now In our oneness with the Father, we find not only spiritual power but food, water, inspiration, and even resurrection. JOEL S. GOLDSMITH, EXCERPT ‘LIVING NOW’ CHAPTER 4. THE POWER OF RESURRECTION, ACROPOLIS BOOKS.

The Cost

All activities of Iwihub.com are free of charge. Please consider a donation, the suggested amount for the “40 Days” is $40.


40 Day Intensive

Thank you for your support


Sign up


Come and join us on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 am Central European Time for 


The re-interpretation of defenses is essential to break open the INNER light



Listen, Learn & DO

Miracle Work is a two times a week meeting where we use our own individual experience of ourselvesas a starting point and discover all the possibilitiesto release ourselves from fearruleshabits and patterns that are not helpful anymore. We open ourselves for a miraculous healing. 

When and Where?

This meeting series starts Tuesday the 17th of January 2023 at 10 am Central European Time (FIND YOUR TIME HERE). For now, it is an online Zoom meeting.

We use Zoom as platform to meet. Download the app on your phone, I pad or computer and please enter 5 minutes before the meeting starts in the meeting room. So we can start on time. Thank you


All activities of Iwihub.com are free of charge. A donation is much appreciated!


Miracle Work

Thank you for your support!!


Sign up here please

352:Judgement and love are opposites

Judgment and love are opposites.  From one
Come all the sorrows of the world.  But from
The Other comes the peace of God Himself.”

“Forgiveness looks on sinlessness alone, and judges not. Through this I come to You.  Judgment will bind my eyes and make me blind.  Yet love, reflected in forgiveness here, reminds me You have given me a way to find Your peace again.  I am redeemed when I elect to follow in this way.  You have not left me comfortless.  I have
within me both the memory of You, and One Who leads me to It.  Father, I would hear Your Voice, and find Your peace today.  For I would love my own Identity, and find in Him the memory of You.”

351: My sinless brother is my guide to peace

Lesson 351 “My sinless brother is my guide to peace. My sinful brother is my guide to pain. And which I choose to see I will behold.”

“Who is my brother but Your holy Son? And if I see him sinful, I proclaim myself a sinner; not a Son of God; alone and friendless in a fearful world. Yet this perception is a choice I make, and can relinquish. I can also see my brother sinless, as Your holy Son. And with this choice I see my sinlessness, my everlasting Comforter and Friend beside me, and my way secure and clear. Choose, then, for me, my Father, through Your Voice. For He alone gives judgment in Your Name.”

348: I have no cause for anger or for fear

Lesson 348 “I have no cause for anger or for fear, for You surround me. And in every need that I perceive Your grace suffices me.”

“Father, let me remember You are here, and I am not alone. Surrounding me is everlasting Love. I have no cause for anything except the perfect peace and joy I share with You. What need have I for anger or for fear? Surrounding me is perfect safety. Can I be afraid, when Your eternal promise goes with me? Surrounding me is perfect sinlessness. What can I fear, when You created me in holiness as perfect as Your own?”

Godʹs grace suffices us in everything that He would have us do. And only that we choose to be our will as well as His.

346: Today the peace of God envelops me

Lesson 346 “Today the peace of God envelops me, And I forget all things except His Love.”

Father, I wake today with miracles correcting my perception of all things.  And so begins a day I share with You as I will share eternity, for time has stepped aside today.  I do not seek the things of time, and so I will not look upon them.  What I seek today transcends all laws of time and things perceived in time.  I would forget all things except Your Love.  I would abide in You, and know no laws except Your law of Love.  And I would find the peace which You created for Your Son, forgetting all the foolish toys I made as I behold Your glory and my own.”

And when the evening comes today, we will remember nothing but the peace of God.  For we will learn today what peace is ours when we forget all things except Godʹs Love.

345: I Offer Only Miracles Today

Lesson 345 “I offer only miracles today, For I would have them be returned to me.”

Father, a miracle reflects Your gifts to me, Your Son. And every one I give returns to me, reminding me the law of love is universal. Even here it takes a form which can be recognized, and seen to work. The miracles I give are given back in just the form I need to help me with the problems I perceive. Father, in Heaven it is different, for there, there are no needs. But here on earth the miracle is closer to Your gifts than any other gift which I can give. Then let me give this gift alone today, which, born of true forgiveness, lights the way that I must travel to remember You.

Peace to all seeking hearts today. The light has come, to offer miracles to bless the tired world. It will find rest today, for we will offer what we have received.

344: Today I learn the law of love

Lesson 344 “Today I learn the law of love;  
that what I give my brother is my gift to me.”

 “This is Your law, my Father, not my own.  I did not understand what giving means, and thought to save what I desired for myself alone.  And as I looked upon the treasure which I thought I had, I found an empty place where nothing ever was, or is or will be.  Who can share a dream?  And what can an illusion offer me?  Yet he whom I forgive will give me gifts beyond the worth of anything on earth.  Let my forgiven brothers fill my store with Heavenʹs treasures, which alone are real.  Thus is the law of love fulfilled.  And thus Your Son arises and returns to You.”

How near we are to one another, as we go to God.  How near is He to us.  How close the ending of the dream of sin, and the redemption of the Son of God.

343: I am not asked to make a sacrifice

Lesson 343 “I am not asked to make a sacrifice to find the mercy and the peace of God.”

The end of suffering can not be loss.  The gift of everything can but be gain.  You only give.  You never take away.  And You created me to be like You, so sacrifice becomes impossible for me as well as You.  I, too, must give, and so all things are given unto me forever and forever. As I was created, I remain.  Your Son can make no sacrifice, for he must be complete, having the function of completing You.  I am complete because I am Your Son.  I cannot lose, for I can only give.  And everything is mine eternally.”

The mercy and the peace of God are free.  Salvation has no cost. It is a gift that must be freely given and received, and it is this that
we would learn today.

342: I let forgiveness rest upon all things

Lesson 342 “I let forgiveness rest upon all things, For thus forgiveness will be given me.”

I thank You, Father, for Your plan to save me from the hell I made.  It is not real.  And You have given me the means to prove its unreality to me.  The key is in my hand, and I have reached the door beyond which lies the end of dreams.  I stand before the gate of Heaven, wondering if I should enter in and be at home.  Let me not wait again today.  Let me forgive all things, and let creation be as You would have it be, and as it is.  Let me remember that I am Your Son, and opening the door at last, forget illusions in the blazing light of truth, as memory of You returns to me.”

Brother, forgive me now.  I come to you to take you home with me.  And as we go, the world goes with us on the way to God.