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My Awakening Story – a personal exposé

One part that you will face in the 40 Days awakening Intensive is your own awakening story. You don’t hear an awakening story everyday, but today… this is day 15 you will hear one.

In that ONE instant are YOU healed, and in that single instant is ALL healing done. What stands APART from you, when you accept the blessing that the holy instant brings?

Excerpt Urtext Manuscripts, ch 27 The Healing example

The video


Program week 2: 40Days Awakening

Thank you for Participating in the 40 Days Awakening Intensive.

Find here your schedule for the second week of the 40 Days Awakening Intensive. The meetings are approximately 30 – 60 minutes each.

ONLINE – Zoom link

We use Zoom as platform to meet. Download the app on your phone, I pad or computer and please enter 5 minutes before the meeting starts in the meeting room. The LINK we use is: https://zoom.us/j/7567456815 By clicking on the link, you will enter the meeting room.


  • TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THIS so you can be on time on the right day
  • We have activities at two different times:
  • Noon Central Time USA (FIND YOUR TIME HERE
  • 10 AM Central Europe Time (FIND YOUR TIME HERE)
Monday September 19th 2022Reading & Meditation10 am Central Europe Time
Quantum Bodynoon Central Time USA
Tuesday September 20th 2022Miracle Principlesnoon Central Time USA
Wednesday  September 21stMeditation & Music10 am Central Europe Time
Instrument of Truthnoon Central Time USA
Thursday September 22ndHealing Sessionnoon Central Time USA
Friday September 23rdReading & Meditation10 am Central Europe Time
Saturday September 24thLight Vespersnoon Central Time USA
Sunday September 25thMeditationNoon Central Time
Tape Group Private 251 pm Central Time

Still want to sign up?

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Quantum Body – healing seminar

Quantum Body?

The body COULD not separate your minds, unless you WANTED it to be a cause of separation and of distance seen between you. Thus do you ENDOW it with a power that lies NOT within itself. And herein lies its power over you.

Excerpt chapter 29B2 : The Awakening, Urtext Manuscripts A Course in Miracles

Apparently the ‘body’ and how you experience it is related to the ideas you hold and the consciousness that arises. The body is not just a physical thing. Changes are possible in which you experience yourself not as a body but as a light being. In Matthew 6:22 (KJV) we read the words:

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body will be full of light“MATTHEW 6:22, KJV VERSION

Did you discover what these words mean? You are accustomed to ideas about ‘your’ body, but they limit you always until you are freed of them. Allow new ideas and experiences, this to experience yourself in a new way and see that even your bodies changes. 

The idea of the quantum body is a way to see it not as a set physical fact, but different. Paul Valverde says it like this in his thesis:

The quantum consciousness paradigm explains there is no present, future and past but only a constant present. The quantum mind is responsible for the paradigms being constantly renewed, because the level of consciousness in the human is growing, awakening and evolving.SCIENTIFIC GOD JOURNAL | APRIL 2019 | VOLUME 10| ISSUE 3 | PP. 222-229

What is this seminar

This seminar is a 8 week online event where we come together with the purpose of healing, joining in the One Purpose. We use spiritual scripture, scientific insights, meditation as inspiration.

For who is this seminar?


  • This seminar is for you if you are interested in what you read in the above (this was just a tip of the iceberg). 
  • If you can allow yourself to get excited with new insights and discoveries that will help to heal and make whole the way you experience yourself
  • If you want to discover with us the ‘out of this world’ nature of you and everyone
  • If you want to discover the newest scientific insights and implement them into your spiritual life so even the words of Joel S. Goldsmith or that what you read in A Course in Miracles, can be seen in a different light
  • If you have no choice but to heal from limited believes that hurt

When is this happening?

We meet on Monday’s at noon Central Time USA, FIND YOUR TIME HERE, starting 19th of September 2022

19th of September 2022Quantum Model of Mannoon Central Time USA
26th of SeptemberBody of Lightnoon Central Time USA
3 rd of OctoberMind of the cellsnoon Central Time USA
10th of OctoberQuantum Healingnoon Central Time USA
17th of OctoberSilent Witnessnoon Central Time USA
– – – – –
31st of OctoberMemory cellsnoon Central Time USA
7th of NovemberHealing Frequenciesnoon Central Time USA*
14th of NovemberFourth Dimensionnoon Central Time USA*

*Ending of Daylight Saving in USA does not change the seminar Time

What does it cost?

The activities of Iwihub.com are on donation basis, there is no charge. However, we want you to consider the suggested amount for donation. For the 8 meetings of this seminar we suggest a donation of $150.


Quantum Body

Thank you for your donation



“Instrument of Truth” – New Class Series

This class is designed for ‘getting the taste’ of becoming an instrument for healing or teaching. The Holy Spirit will guide you. Sharing the joy and extending the light is a real possibility when teaching and healing. Isn’t that incredible! This time you have the possibility to take the next step. You can experience the joy of extending yourself as a whole part of the Love of God.

Is it too early, is it too late?

No, this is the moment for you to step in, otherwise you would not be reading this. You are in fact always teaching or demonstrating what you value. It is not new to you. Now is the time where you allow the Voice of God to speak through you in the way that is given you. The Voice will tell you what to do, where to go, who to meet, what to say.. Listen, listen. How reassuring!

What form?

The way you will express yourself can take many forms, what ever form is given you to share is all that is necessary. In preparation for the moment of the class a poem might come to you or some spiritual scripture ( A Course in Miracles, The Infinite Way, whatever is given you). Something that resonates deeply with you. Listen! This is the inspiration for the moment that follows in class.

  • When it is your turn in class,
  • you wait and see what happens,
  • you connect within, you will see what starts to FLOW,
  • you listen, and trust what comes up,
  • you open your mouth and what flows out of it you can trust.
  • You find yourself beyond your defenses or doubts that you felt a moment ago.
  • Suddenly the light shines through your appearance.
  • The ‘instrument’ is extending, listen..

This practice will increase your certainty to rely on your true Certainty. Such an amazing gift to yourself.

When do we start?

This class takes place on Wednesdays starting the 8th of June 2022. Check here your time

8th of June 2022Prayernoon Central Time USA
June15Poemnoon Central Time USA
June 22Spiritual Scripturenoon Central Time USA
June 29Spiritual Healingnoon Central Time USA
July 6Prayernoon Central Time USA
July 13Poemnoon Central Time USA
July 20Spiritual Scripturenoon Central Time USA
July 27Spiritual Healingnoon Central Time USA

Where do we meet?

We will meet online using Zoom to connect.

The link to the online Classroom is: https://zoom.us/j/7567456815 . If you never used Zoom software or app, make sure to download it before the class starts, this makes it easier to connect.

The Cost

The activities of UrtextACourseinMiracles.com are at no charge! Please consider a donation. The suggested donation for this event is $125. Thank you for your support!

My support for Instrument of Truth

Thank you for your support!



Join Healing Gathering

Light Dispels All Darkness

Starting this Wednesday at noon Central Time USA is the (‘lunchbreak’) Music – Light – Healing – Session. A 30 (and more) minute episode dedicated to healing, uniting the Sonship, to remember the LOVE that you are. This weekly gathering is available for everyone! 

Still – Active – Allowing

Join this Wednesday!!

For you, just wanting to 'take a break' and allow some healing. 
for you who perceive limitation of any kind, 
for you Infinite Way student, 
for you bathing in Grace, for you teacher of God,
for you Course in Miracles student, For you Reiki practitioner, 
for you light worker, for you miracle worker, 
for you energy worker, ALL ARE WELCOME!!

When can I join?

The online session starts at noon Central Time USA (Chicago,IL).


The next sessions will be on Wednesday:
30th of March, 5th of April, 13th of April, 20th of April,27th of April,4th of May...more to follow
Write in your Calendar!!

How to join?

This is an online ZOOM event. You join online by using this link:

https://zoom.us/j/7567456815  or press this button:



For this event there is no cost. It is freely available. Donations are welcome!


Music Healing Session

Thank you for your support!


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I can escape the world I see..

In this post some text and video of the online DAILY MIRACLE class of last Monday (01-31) in which we looked at another key lesson of A Course in Miracles. In the class I promised to share some paragraphs from chapter 20. This was in relationship with the key lesson 23: I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.

Nothing can hurt you, unless you give it the power to do so.For YOU give power as the laws of this world INTERPRET giving; as you give, you LOSE. It is not up to you to give power at all. Power is of God, GIVEN by Him, and RE‐AWAKENED by the Holy Spirit, Who knows that, as you give you GAIN. He gives NO power to sin, and therefore it HAS none. Nor to its results, as this world sees them; sickness and death and misery and pain. These things have not occurred, because the Holy Spirit sees them not, and gives no power to their seeming source. Thus would He keep you free of them.

Entering the Ark, Ch. 20 first paragraph, Urtext Manuscripts A Course in Miracles, Miracles in Action Press 2008.


This is a recording of the online class. You are invited to join!