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Quantum Model of Man

This is a compilation of the first Quantum Body meeting. Today is the Introduction to the seminar. We have 4 visitors in this class: #deepakchopra #marybakereddy #MotherAurobindo #joelgoldsmith . Listen with us to the podcast version or watch this on YouTube right here.

  • Content: 
  • 0:00 Introduction to the seminar 
  • 9:31 Seeing what you believe 
  • 16:28 Purpose of the seminar 
  • 22:30 The body that isn’t there 
  • 25:43 Deepak Chopra: The Quantum Mechanical Body 
  • 34:05 Mary Baker Eddy: ‘Revelation” 
  • 40:19 The Mother: Becoming in the Body 
  • 43:55 Joel S. Goldsmith: ‘About this Body”

The Video

The Podcast

Mind of the cells – Quantum Body Yoga Quantum Body

This is another episode from the Quantum Body seminar. 'Mind of the Cells'.We have one visitor: The Mother, Mother Aurobindo, she prays with us, read this well, "the prayer of the cells in the body":Now that, by the effect of the Grace, we are slowly emerging out of inconscience and waking to a conscious life, an ardent prayer rises in us for more light, more consciousness: “O Supreme Lord of the universe, we implore Thee, give us the strength and the beauty, the harmonious perfection needed to be Thy divine instruments upon earth.”Content of the seminar:0:00 Mind Yoga11:00 Prayer of the cells in the Body, by The Mother13:39 The Other State17:38 Change of Command26:25 Let the Light Integrate31:49 Quantum Leaphttp://iwihub.com
  1. Mind of the cells – Quantum Body Yoga
  2. Body of light + Guided meditation
  3. Spaceless Timeless God & Quantum Entanglement
  4. Quantum Model of Man – Exercises – 4 Visitors
  5. Seeing what you believe – Podcast

Beyond the physical laws

The miracle principles you can find at the beginning of the Urtext Manuscripts of A Course in Miracles, in chapter 1. In the Urtext you can read many of the principles, more than in any other A Course in Miracles version. In the Spiritual Healing class presented today we use some of the principles.

Miracles are thought-creations. Thought can create lower-order or higher order realities. This is the basic distinction between intellectualization and thinking. One creates the physical, the other the spiritual, and we believe in what we create.


Christ inspires all miracles, which are essentially intercessions. They intercede for man’s holiness, and make him holy. They place man beyond the physical laws, and raise him into the sphere of celestial order. In this order, man IS perfect

V1-CH1-B12b and B27d Urtext Manuscripts

In the “blue book” of the Foundation for Inner Peace the miracles principles are differently formulated. Two crucial differences are: Miracles are thought-creations as the Urtext says… the FIP says: Miracles are thoughts. Here is one more: Christ inspires all miracles.. says the Urtext Manuscripts in FIP: I inspire all miracles

My question to you is: can you feel the difference?

To me it is remarkable. I become so grateful to read the original text, that is what was given us. I am able now to read the original words. Someone meant to leave some of the words out, but for what? To make it more readable? Really?! It’s never too late to read the original version, that is so great!! Thanks for joining in this, I am so grateful!!

Beyond the physical

Like I shared the class we had yesterday was all about metaphysics, beyond physics, beyond your description of the 3D world you perceive. What way is given us to actually experience what is beyond the physical?

I use words of Joel S. Goldsmith from the pamphlet “Metaphysical Healing” and I use the Miracles Healers Handbook. The last book is freely downloadable HERE. Part of it are the miracle principles and part is from the Teachers Manual of A Course in Miracles.

The Video


Audio of the class “Beyond the physical”