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317: I follow the my appointed way

Lesson 317 “I follow in the way appointed me.”

I have a special place to fill; a role for me alone. Salvation waits until I take this part as what I choose to do. Until I make this choice, I am the slave of time and human destiny. But when I willingly and gladly go the way my Fatherʹs plan appointed me to go, then will I recognize salvation is already here, already given all my brothers and already mine as well.

Father, Your way is what I choose today. Where it would lead me do I choose to go; what it would have me do I choose to do. Your way is certain, and the end secure. The memory of You awaits me there, and all my sorrows end in Your embrace, which You have promised to Your Son, who thought mistakenly that he had wandered from the sure protection of Your loving arms.”

316: All gifts I give my brothers are my own

Lesson 316 “All gifts I give my brothers are my own.”

As every gift my brothers give is mine, so every gift I give belongs to me. Each one allows a past mistake to go, and leave no shadow on the holy mind my Father loves. His grace is given me in every gift a brother has received throughout all time, and past all time as well. My treasure‐house is full, and angels watch its open doors, that not one gift is lost and only more are added. Let me come to where my treasures are, and enter in where I am truly welcome and at home among the gifts that God has given me.

“Father, I would accept Your gifts today. I do not recognize them. Yet I trust that You Who gave them will provide the means by which I can behold them, see their worth, and cherish only them as what I want.”

311: I judge all things as I would have them be

Lesson 311 “I judge all things as I would have them be.”

Judgment was made to be a weapon used against the truth. It separates what it is being used against, and sets it off as if it were a thing apart. And then it makes of it what you would have it be. It judges what it cannot understand, because it cannot see totality and therefore judges falsely. Let us not use it today, but make a gift of it to Him Who has a different use for it. He will relieve you of the agony of all the judgments you have made against yourself, and re‐establish peace of mind by giving you Godʹs Judgment of His Son.

Father, we wait with open mind today, to hear Your Judgment of the Son You love. We do not know him, and we cannot judge. And so we let Your Love decide what he whom You created as Your Son must be.”

Manual for Teachers – Audiobook

Today we start with the publication of Part 1 and 2 of the Urtext Manuscripts of A Course in Miracles AUDIOBOOK.


To teach is to demonstrate. There are only two thought systems, and you demonstrate that you believe one or the other is true all the time. From your demonstration others learn and so do you. The question is not whether you will teach, for in that there is no choice. The purpose of the course might be said to provide you with a means of choosing what you want to teach on the basis of what you want to learn.

Introduction Manual for Teachers, excerpt.

The video/audio

The CONTENT of the video is here

  • 0:00 1 – Introduction
  • 4:45 2- Who are God’s Teachers?
  • 8:20 3 – Who are their pupils?
  • 12:59 4 – What are the levels of teaching?

The Audio

For those who love to listen on your ways. Download the audio here:

Part 1 of the Manual for Teachers

PART 2 : The Characteristics of God’s Teachers

The surface traits of Godʹs teachers are not at all alike. They do not look alike to the bodyʹs eyes, they come from vastly different backgrounds, their experiences of the world vary greatly, and their superficial “personalities” are quite distinct. Nor at the beginning stages of their functioning as teachers of God, have they yet acquired the deeper characteristics that will establish them as what they are. God gives special gifts to His teachers because they have a special role in His plan for Atonement.

The Characteristics of God’s Teachers, excerpt


The Characteristics of God’s Teachers

  • 0:00 A – Introduction
  • 1:43 B- TRUST
  • 9:17 C – Honesty
  • 11:34 D – Tolerance
  • 12:37 E – Gentleness
  • 14:48 F – Joy
  • 16:03 G – Defenselessness
  • 17:07 H- Generosity
  • 19:18 I – Patience
  • 20:24 J – Faithfulness
  • 22:34 K – Open-Mindedness
  • 25:39 End


The Characteristics of God’s Teachers

40 Day Intensive – SIGN UP

The next 40 Day Intensive is now open for you to register. The title is: “Awakening to the light within” – Timeless Truth. A 40 day intensive is a period in which you commit yourself to dedicate more time and focus to the Light within. To be on the mountain top and during your day have more moments in which you leave the world for what it is. The way this will have meaning depends on you, what is it that you want etc. In the upcoming program we focus on the Timeless Truth and will use the New Testament, Christian Mystics, Joel Goldsmith and the Urtext of A Course in Miracles.

Start date

On Saturday the 12th of November 2022 we start the new 40 day Intensive. There will be an introductory meeting in which we can get to know each other and have an incredible start of this amazing possibility. A possibility to awaken to the Light within. To communicate directly with Source. The 21st of December 2022 will be the celebration date where we finish the 40 Day Intensive.

Weekly Program

For about six weeks we offer a weekly program so you can find your (voluntary) daily meetings easily. It will be posted on this website too and you will receive an email. Some of the meetings will be 10 am Central European Time and some will be noon Central Time USA. 

Where do we meet?

We meet online, the ONLINE – Zoom link to get to the Iwihub Online Meeting Room:

The LINK we use is: https://zoom.us/j/7567456815 By clicking on the link, you will enter the meeting room.

What does it cost?

The events of UrtextAcourseinmiracles.com are without charge. In order for us to offer all this on a continuing basis we would love you to consider a donation. The suggested donation for the 40 days Intensive is $40. Thank you for your support.

40 Day Intensive

Thank you for your support!


304: Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ

Lesson 304 “Let not my world obscure the sight of Christ.”

I can obscure my holy sight, if I intrude my world upon it. Nor can I behold the holy sights Christ looks upon unless it is His vision that I use. Perception is a mirror, not a fact. And what I look on is my state of mind reflected outward. I would bless the world by looking on it through the eyes of Christ. And I will look upon the certain signs that all my sins have been forgiven me.

You lead me from the darkness to the light; from sin to holiness. Let me forgive, and thus receive salvation for the world. It is Your gift, my Father, given me to offer to Your holy Son, that he may find again the memory of You, and of Your Son as You created him.”

303: The holy Christ is born in me today

Lesson 303 “The holy Christ is born in me today.”

Watch with me, angels, watch with me today. Let all Godʹs holy Thoughts surround me, and be still with me while Heavenʹs Son is born. Let earthly sounds be quiet, and the sights to which I am accustomed disappear. Let Christ be welcomed where He is at home, and let Him hear the sounds He understands, and see but sights which show His Fatherʹs Love. Let Him no longer be a stranger here, for He is born again in me today.

Your Son is welcome, Father. He has come to save me from the evil self I made. He is the Self that You have given me. He is but what I really am in truth. He is the Son You love above all things. He is my Self as You created me. It is not Christ that can be crucified. Safe in Your arms let me receive Your Son.”

302: Where darkness was I look upon the light

Lesson 302 “Where darkness was I look upon the light.”

Father, our eyes are opening at last. Your holy world awaits us, as our sight is finally restored and we can see. We thought we suffered. But we had forgot the Son whom You created. Now we see that darkness is our own imagining, and light is there for us to look upon. Christʹs vision changes darkness into light, for fear must disappear when love has come. Let me forgive Your holy world today that I may look upon its holiness, and understand it but reflects my own.”

Our Love awaits us as we go to Him, and walks beside us, showing us the way. He fails in nothing. He the end we seek, and He the means by which we come to Him.

301: And God Himself will wipe away all tears

Lesson 301 “And God Himself shall wipe away all tears.”

Father, unless I judge I cannot weep. Nor can I suffer pain, or feel I am abandoned and unneeded in the world. This is my home, because I judge it not, and therefore is it only what You will. Let me today behold it uncondemned, through happy eyes forgiveness has released from all distortion. Let me see Your world instead of mine. And all the tears I shed will be forgotten, for their source is gone. Father, I will not judge Your world today.

Godʹs world is happy. Those who look on it can only add their joy to it, and bless it as a cause of further joy in them. We wept because we did not understand. But we have learned the world we saw was false, and we will look upon Godʹs world today.

300: Only an instant does this world endure

Lesson 300 “Only an instant does this world endure.”

This is the thought that can be used to say that death and sorrow are the certain lot of all who come here, for their joys are gone before they are possessed, or even grasped. Yet this is also the idea that lets no false perception keep us in its hold, nor represents more than a passing cloud upon a sky eternally serene. And it is this serenity we seek, unclouded, obvious and sure, today.

We seek Your holy world today. For we, Your loving Sons, have lost our way a while. But we have listened to Your Voice, and learned exactly what to do to be restored to Heaven and our true Identity. And we give thanks today the world endures but for an instant. We would go beyond that tiny instant to eternity.”