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I am the Way…

“Timeless truth, I speak to you: whoever receives him whom I send receives me and whoever receives me receives him who sent me.”

–John 13:20, Plain English from the Aramaic- version.


In the presented online class we use parts from John 13 and 14, put in a whole perspective, where the words that are shared become the expression of you in your totality. What I mean with that is: what is shared in the gospel of John is all about you. When you hear what it says itself becomes a portal into timelessness. Are you with me? The words presented here are for your own use, that’s why they are shared with you.


The content of the class:

  • Content: 
  • 0:00 Introduction 
  • 7:12 Timeless truth 
  • 11:41 Opening the door 
  • 18:35 Now the Son of Man is glorified 
  • 21:54 Love one another 
  • 26:35 Let not your heart be troubled 
  • 30:04 I am the Living God 
  • 32:29 Greater works.. 
  • 39:07 I am the Way… – meditation 
  • 48:49 Music vesper: Eternal Flux

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