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Light Dispels All Darkness

Starting this Wednesday at noon Central Time USA is the (‘lunchbreak’) Music – Light – Healing – Session. A 30 (and more) minute episode dedicated to healing, uniting the Sonship, to remember the LOVE that you are. This weekly gathering is available for everyone! 

Still – Active – Allowing

Join this Wednesday!!

For you, just wanting to 'take a break' and allow some healing. 
for you who perceive limitation of any kind, 
for you Infinite Way student, 
for you bathing in Grace, for you teacher of God,
for you Course in Miracles student, For you Reiki practitioner, 
for you light worker, for you miracle worker, 
for you energy worker, ALL ARE WELCOME!!

When can I join?

The online session starts at noon Central Time USA (Chicago,IL).


The next sessions will be on Wednesday:
30th of March, 5th of April, 13th of April, 20th of April,27th of April,4th of May...more to follow
Write in your Calendar!!

How to join?

This is an online ZOOM event. You join online by using this link:

https://zoom.us/j/7567456815  or press this button:



For this event there is no cost. It is freely available. Donations are welcome!


Music Healing Session

Thank you for your support!


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Healing Consciousness

Healing Consciousness Many of the healers/practitioners I know are into Reiki or at least were ‘initiated’ in the Reiki tradition.
Same with me. What happened during the initiation was I experienced light and connectedness. Three weeks later I met the Master Teacher of a Course in Miracles, who initiated me in spiritual healing. I never really use Reiki anymore in its original form. The healing awareness on the other hand just keeps expanding.
In fact every Spiritual Path leads to the same point. Knowing one Self.

How does that work for you? Share if you like..
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