Volumes 5 – 7

The volumes 5, 6 and 7 are additional to A Course in Miracles as you know from the blue book. They were published after the Blue book from the Foundation of Inner Peace. The volumes that you can listen to here are unique in the sense that they are directly from the manuscripts. The volumes 5 – 7 were also included in the 2008 version we use for reading, from the Miracles in Action Press.

The audio’s can be listened to on YouTube, just click on the picture or download mp3 or stream in the audio player below picture.

Volume V – Psychotherapy

In this version of Psychotherapy another vision is exposed of how to look at the idea of psychotherapy. A vision is shared of the ideal patient-therapist relationship. Is it a profession? How about getting paid for the services you provide as a psychotherapist?

Psychotherapy on YouTube audio
Psychotherapy – Audiobook

Volume VI – Song of Prayer

True prayer, Praying for others, forgiveness of yourself, the Holiness of Healing are some of the subjects you will hear in this audiobook. It is nothing short of a summary of A Course in Miracles Text book.

Song of Prayer on YouTube
Song of Prayer – Audiobook

Volume VII – Gifts of God

“The Dream of Fear, The two gifts, the Ending of the Dream, Our Gift to God and The Father’s Love” are the chapter titles in this volume.

‘Gifts of God’ on YouTube
Gifts of God – Audiobook

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