II – Workbook

Listen to the review of the first 80 lessons of the Urtext Manuscripts divided in two parts. It is a great help to align your mind as a daily practice.

Review of the first 50 lessons

I Am Sustained by the Love of God

I Am Sustained By The Love Of God – review first 50 lessons

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Review of lessons 61-80

I AM the Light Of the World

I AM The Light of The World Review lesson 61 – 80

Review 3 – Lessons 91 – 110

Review 4 – Lessons 121 – 140

Review 5: Lessons 141 – 170

Review 6: Lessons 171 – 190

PART 2 of the Workbook: The Prayer Lessons

Words will mean little now. We use them but as guides on which we do not now depend. For now we seek direct experience of truth alone. The lessons which remain are merely introductions to the times in which we leave the world of pain, and go to enter into peace. Now we begin to reach the goal this course has set, and find the end toward which our practicing is geared

Excerpt Introduction to Part 2 of the Workbook

1 – What is Forgiveness?

2 – What is Salvation?

3- What is the World?

4 – What is Sin?

5 – What is the Body?

6- What is the Christ?

7 – What is the Holy Spirit?

8 – What is the Real World?

9 – What is the Second Coming?

10 – What is the Last Judgement?

11 – What is Creation?

12 – What is the Ego?

13 – What is the Miracle?

14 – What am I?

Final Lessons + Epilogue

We trust our ways to Him and say “Amen.” In peace we will continue in His way, and trust all things to Him. In confidence we wait His answers, as we ask His will in everything we do. He loves Gods Son as we would love him, and He teaches us how to behold him through His eyes, and love him as He does. You do not walk alone. Godʹs angels hover close, and all about. His Love surrounds you, and of this be sure: that I will never leave you comfortless.

Excerpt Final Lessons Introduction

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