Lifted up and carried ahead

Miracle Principles

A miracle is a beginning and an end(ing). It thus abolishes time. It is always an affirmation of re‐birth, which seems to go back, but really goes forward. It undoes the past in the present, and thus releases the future.

Miracles are teaching devices for demonstrating that it is more blessed to give than to receive. They simultaneously increase the reserve strength of the giver, and supply the lack of strength in the receiver. BE VERY CAREFUL in interpreting this.

The fear of Life

What is NOT love IS murder. What is not loving MUST be an attack. EVERY illusion is an assault on truth. And every one does violence to the IDEA of love, because it SEEMS to be of equal truth. What can be EQUAL to the truth, yet different? Murder and love are incompatible…

…Each form of murder and attack that still attracts you, and that you do not recognize for what it is, limits the healing and the miracles you HAVE the power to extend to all…

Ch 23 E The fear of Life, excerpts

The video

On the 17th of March ’22 we had an online “Daily Miracle Lessons” meeting a video report is below. The excerpts above are also used in the class. All this is to help and not to attack yourself. We come together to meet in the place where we are lifted up and carried ahead. If you join the class you will discover that the part on video is the introduction to the next part of the class. The healing and Communication that suddenly is available is incredible. We continued the sharing , healing, joining for another hour after this.

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