Just to see the context of the upcoming classes  INSTRUMENT OF TRUTH here is an inspiring reference from the Urtext of A Course in Miracles, lesson 154, ” I am among the ministers of God”

Would you receive the messages of God? For thus do you become His messengers. You are appointed now, and yet you wait to give the messages you have received, and so you do not know that they are yours, and do not recognize them. No‐one can receive and understand he has received until he gives. For in the giving is his own acceptance of what he received. 

You who are now the messengers of God receive His messages, for that is part of your appointed role. He has not failed to offer what you need, nor has it been left unaccepted. Yet another part of your appointed task is yet to be accomplished. 

How interesting it says here: No‐one can receive and understand he has received until he gives. The upcoming class series is in perfect alignment with this. It is an opportunity to discover what you have received in your spiritual transformation, by you giving it away. And discovering: In which way you are giving it away? How truth is flowing through you? How Spirit is inspiring you to what?

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