God goes with you..

Monday Mindtraining

Today on Day 27 of the Awakening Intensive, we come together to get in touch with our true salvation. We go to the root of human suffering and decide to leave such foolishness behind. In this class we use lesson 41: God goes with me wherever I go, of the (Urtext Manuscripts) of A Course in Miracles.

Content of the video:

  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 4:29 Review first 7 lessons of A Course in Miracles
  • 12:21 God goes with me
  • 14:55 Depression..!?
  • 16:41 No solution drugstore
  • 20:22 End of foolishness
  • 24:18 Salvation (- in your-face)
  • 27:00 Salvation exercise
  • 33:38 Quiet Time
  • 35:55 Music

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